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A facelift is a procedure that eliminates wrinkles and facial sagging by lifting and pulling the skin on your face. A facelift is a great way to take years off your look with a minimally invasive surgery. There are several different types of facelift procedures to choose from. With Dr. Crawford, you will be able to discuss which facelift options are best for your specific needs. For a facelift consultation, please fill out the form on this page.

About Austin Facelifts

There's no escaping it...as you get older, signs of aging begin to appear, and the face is usually the first place they start to show up. These include fine lines, wrinkles, deep creases, a saggy jawline, and many others. Luckily, a facelift can offer a solution to these problems. A facelift cannot keep your face from aging, however what a facelift can do is restore a more youthful look to the overall appearance of your face. The facelift procedures in Austin can reduce the appearance of the most visible signs of aging with a minimally invasive technique.

During the facelift procedure, excess fat is removed and underlying muscles are tightened and the remaining facial skin is then draped over the face, thus resulting in a firmer and fresher appearance. These results can be dramatic or subtle, depending on your current facial appearance. Because each individual has his or her own unique facial features, the results can vary greatly with each individual, therefore facelifts are considered to be very individualized procedures.

The facelift surgery takes several hours to complete and can cause temporary bruising, swelling, numbness and tenderness of skin. A tight feeling and dry skin are also possible. Men will permanently have to shave behind ears, due to the repositioning of beard-growing skin after a facelift.

Facelift Recovery and Results

The results of the facelift surgery can last anywhere from five to ten years, this also varies with each patient. As the years pass, your face will continue to age. Those who want to continue presenting a more youthful appearance can choose to get another facelift from Dr. Crawford. You can generally go back to work in 10 to 14 days after having a facelift. You must avoid strenuous activity for 2 weeks or more, and bruising can last 2 to 3 weeks. Facelift patients should avoid alcohol, steam baths and saunas for several months. After a facelift, you should limit exposure to sun for several months as well. Please fill out the form on this page to schedule a facelift consultation in Austin with Dr. Crawford and get started on your path to a younger looking face today.

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